Great Coworkers

Since I put out a blog on Great Bosses last week, I felt like a good follow-on to that would be to talk about the other side of the coin….great coworkers.

I would guess that we all have a few people who we truly enjoy working with. I know I do and have throughout my career.

What makes a great coworker? Well, I suppose that answer will be different for every individual. For me, I enjoy working with people who challenge me in a good way (not because they want to make you feel inferior), help me to become better at my job by sharing the things that they do well and those who are willing to stick with it when the going gets tough (which it invariably will at one time or another). That is not terribly stringent criteria, but I think if you have one or more of those three things going for you, then you can add value to just about any company since in my eyes you are making the people around you better. What more can you want from an employee/coworker? Productivity is great, but if you can enhance the productivity of those around you to go along with it….HUGE BONUS.

Do you have to deal with being on an On-Call Rotation? If so, do you want a colleague who is always trying to get out of it or the one who is always willing to help out with it. Whichever you would prefer to work with is also the one you should try to be yourself. Kind of like the Golden Rule that I was frequently encouraged with as a kid. I believe we should be that way at work. Set a good example and hopefully when people go home at night they do not think about what a pain it is to work with you. They might even enjoy it a little!

I have a few great coworkers right now, and have had a ton of them throughout my career.   The one that comes most to mind right now, is a fellow SQL Server Family member who you can read some of his takes from here.  He frequents SQL Saturday’s and listens to my nonsense all week long, while challenging, encouraging and helping to keep me on the right path.  Go over to his blog, read some stuff, comment on it…challenge him.  He loves that kind of thing.

Great Bosses

We are not all lucky enough to have a nice boss who appreciates our efforts.  Today, I was reminded that I do.   He does little things with some regularity that show that he does appreciate the work that we do, and today he brought me and the other members of our team each a slice of Key Lime Pie from Sullivans Steakhouse.   He had gone there for lunch and thought it would be nice to share a bit of the joy that he experienced there.

This was definitely not the first time he has done this sort of thing.  In the past, he has brought us Cinnamon Rolls from Quick Trip, which is much better than you might anticipate and my favorite memory of something he has brought us in was when he brought in a Tartufo from Jaspers which is still my favorite dessert that I have ever eaten.   According to the linked site, it is a “Homemade white chocolate gelato dusted with chocolate biscotti and chocolate sauce”, and it tastes even better than it sounds.

It does not take much to be a great boss, but sometimes it is these little things that make all of the difference.   They were not requested, were completely unnecessary but definitely showed me and the other members of our team that he cared.  Sometimes that is enough.

If you have any stories of things your boss has done to show you they appreciate the efforts that you put in, please share them.  I know I always enjoy hearing stories about people who have done something extra to take care of their own.  It seems far more often, it is the other side of the story that gets told.    But there are lots of good ones out there, so why not share what they have done even if it seems small.