Create or Organize Your Script Library

Do you have your own script library?  If not, you should absolutely create yourself one as they can be invaluable and can save you from a world of pain.   Jeremiah Peschka blogged about versioning your scripts and it shows a great way for you to go through this process using a few different free options.   If you are starting from ground zero, start here or at the very least create yourself a working folder on your computer and save off anything that you come across.

Now comes the second group of people, we will call them people like me.   You have a script library (in my case a very large one) and you can find your scripts without any problem but the scripts are not well organized.   Now is the time, get them organized and maybe put them into a GitHub or BitBucket.   Start versioning them appropriately as you make changes to them or as software changes versions and they need to be modified.   This is the situation I am in today, and my plan is to get them neatly organized and put up in a very easy to access, easy to reference repository within the next couple of months.

For those of you who are already on top of this, tell the rest of us the way that you did it.   I am sure there are dozens or hundreds of ways to save off your script library and any tips you have for those of us without or who are less organized would be greatly appreciated.

And two months from now, I will put a new post up saying where I have made it.

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